Thursday, April 9, 2009


Friends have always been such an important part of my life. Growing up I had some really special friends that I could run around the neighborhood with and play endless games. We caught bugs, spied on our sisters, played in sandboxes, built forts, and of course our favorites were the after dark games of kick the can or grey wolf. We had sleep overs outside under the stars even when we had to hide our faces inside our sleeping bags it was so cold.

It is fun knowing that the boys will always have each other to do these childhood adventures with, but there is something special about having friends too. The boys have acquired some very good friends in their earlier years already. Sora and Kira were born at the same hospital and stayed at the same NICU as the boys. We have enjoyed gathering with their family for play dates and the boys adore their baby brother Kei as well. They have also become very special friends with Isabel and her baby brother Isaac. Isabel goes to church with us and is a very independent and loving girl. These friends have been a blessing to us.

From Left to Right:
J, Sora, I, Kira, and M

The girls are so kind and well behaved when they come over. K and I really enjoy visiting with their mom and dad too.

From Left to Right:
I, J, Isabel, and M

The boys look forward to play dates with Isabel. She brings enthusiasm to everything she does.

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  1. We remember it well, We raised three boys in that same neighborhood. There was the cutest little red head that lived next door, we love her still!
    The Greenwood's