Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Three Turned Three

The boys' birthday was particularly special as we had three turn three together, but to make it more of a party we invited over three of their friends who had recently had their birthdays too. From left to right we have Josiah, Isaiah, Isabel, Fiona, and Clarissa. Micah is up top. Isabel and Clarissa are in the same Sunday School class with the boys. All together we had 5 turning three with in two days of each other and one turning 5!

Each of the children enjoyed hearing their personalized "Happy Birthday Song" as we did sing it six times. It doesn't get old to three year olds. Below is Isaiah soaking in every moment of his Birthday Song.
Kenta played the guitar while all the kids and Grammy did the hand motions to some of their Sunday School songs. It is such a joy to hear children singing worship to their God.

This is Micah very pleased with the car he received from Auntie Rose and Uncle Steve in California. He really liked that the green car matched his green shirt.
We are so blessed to have such joyful children. It was special to share their birthday with people we love. We thank all of you who gave the boys such generous gifts and love on their special day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Together Time

Oh how I cherish the together time. Kenta works very hard for our family and for that we are so grateful!
Through his work, Kenta was rewarded with the opportunity to take our family on a little get away. For the boys this is the very best thing that they could imagine. Focused fun DADDY and MOMMY time! We got to read together...
Swim together...
Shoot giant squirt guns together...
have an animated story time together and watch the snow fall inside together!

Thank you Kenta for working so hard so that our family can do such special and memorable things. We are loved by how you serve our family.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


For Christmas the boys were given each a pair of scissors from their Grammy and Grandpa. The boys will sit for extended periods of time cutting, cutting, and cutting paper. I often run out of scrap paper for them to cut. I think we could start our own shredding business! Next, I just need to teach them where to put the paper after it is cut!

Christmas Lessons

We had a very family fun filled Christmas Holiday this past year. Last year due to amazing amounts of snow we decided to stay home and not fight the weather, but this year the weather was nice enough for us to venture over the pass and spend some quality time with family. It was a special time with Great-grandparents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. This is Grandma getting hugs after the boys opened their three little pigs and the big bad wolf along with the story to go with it. Over the past month the boys have told this story many times and often we find the "Big Bad Wolf" chasing others around the house.

The boys genuinely enjoyed playing with their many cousins. We are blessed to have so many family members that can gather together.

This was the first year that the boys knew what to expect next. It was fun watching their curious minds anticipate what they would find in their stockings or in the many wrapped packages. Below is the line up of stockings that my Grandma Emery has made for our many family members. It is pretty amazing!!

We had lots of fun celebrating Christmas with lots of food, many presents, and plenty of laughter. We tried to teach the boys that it is more blessed to give than to recieve. Most of all, however, we hope that they will remember that we were celebrating the birthday of our Lord Jesus who came as a child, born in a manger and yet the King and Savior of the world.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The boys always enjoy time with their cousins, even if it is cold!
If we go to the park, Josiah will want us to push him and push him. He is even starting to get the whole pumping thing down already.
Micah likes to swing too, but after a while he is ready to start exploring around. He just loves to be outside, rain or shine.

Isaiah likes to be where the people are, especially if it is his Grandpa.

We have been blessed that where we live, there are three different playgrounds. One where they can climb, one where they can swing, and other with a slide.

Hide and Seek

This is what we get to find when we play Hide and Seek along with a shouting...."Come and fiiiiiind me....I am hiiiiiiiding!"

I personally enjoy the group hide.

Dressing Themselves

This is what you may find if you enter our home on any given morning or afternoon. They boys have really been enjoying dressing themselves now that they can get their clothes on by themselves. Doesn't it make you smile? I do often, what silly boys I have. They must get it from their dad.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hurray God!

Today M was walking around the house saying, "Hurray God". Kind of a different expression, but it makes the point he wanted to make. I am blessed by my son who wants to cheer for God! May I cheer with him.