Sunday, September 20, 2009

Other fun moments...

We had to have S'Mores... The boys didn't know what it was at first and were cautious as usual, but as soon as we told them it had chocolate in it, they ate it with gusto! They got a little frustrated with the stickiness of the marshmallow, however. This is Micah after enjoying his yummy treat.
One of the highlights of the trip was playing hide and seek in the TALL grass. We had to watch the boys closely otherwise they might disappear into the maze of grass.
Walks on the beach were always an adventure. Isaiah loved to pick up and look at everything he came across.

Kenta bought the boys some golf clubs, and baseball bats to entertain them while they were outside. Josiah couldn't seem to put them down. He has quite the future in baseball or golf. He must get that from his Grandpa.

This is Josiah relaxing at the cabin in between outings. Now that is what vacation is supposed to be about, right?

Friday, September 18, 2009


The trip wouldn't have been complete if we didn't catch any fish while we were there! We caught two little bass and one nice sized one.

The boys were not sure about it at first, but before we released it back to the river, they each touched it once.

Playing at the Beach

I knew I would enjoy watching the boys play and splash in the water. They enjoyed the freedom of playing with all the water and sand that they could ever imagine. I think it was fun for all of us, but their smiles tell the story of the fun they had.
Isaiah and Daddy going for a dip.
Micah was a little fish. He loved to be in the water and splash, dig, blow bubbles, jump, crawl....

Their laughter exploded as we would lift them up and drop them in to the water all at the same time.
Grammy has always been the queen of sand creations. The boys were mesmerized by her sand sculptures and all the amazing rocks she could find. Too bad Grandpa would only let her take a few of them home in his boat. :)


The boys were very excited to go on their first ride on Grandpa's boat. They could hardly contain themselves as we walked down to the beach.

They all enjoyed the ride, except Micah was very clear that he did not like the wind. He wanted to be sure that we closed the front window so that it was not windy. They each got a turn to ride with Grandpa and help drive the boat.

But by the end of the morning adventures, the ride home was a lullaby. Isaiah was asleep with in minutes and we had to work to keep the other two awake so they would take a nap at home.

Thanks Grandpa for sharing your boat with us.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Quote of the Week

Micah was in his room with his pretend tool kit sawing on his foot.
Mommy: "What are you fixing, Micah?"
Micah: "I am fixing myself!"

When I find that I need fixing, whether it is my body or soul, my first reaction is often to "fix myself". May the Lord give me wisdom to rest in the one who is my healer and redeemer.