Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter!

This Easter was the first one that we were able to talk to the boys about the meaning of the Holiday and have them begin to make some connections of why we celebrate! As it only seemed natural to continue the traditions that my parents began, we began the day with the boys waking up to three Easter baskets in a row. Underneath each basket was a brand new Bible for each boy. The boys have loved and loved their first Bibles so much that we had completely lost the story of Creation and a few stories in between. The boys had also begun to memorize the stories. They could say just about every last word in each sentence. So we decided what a great time to give them new Bibles than on the day that we set aside to focus on celebrating Christ's life, death, and Resurrection. They were pleased to find little treats in their eggs and M took only a minute before he had his dad reading to him out of his new Bible. K read to the boys the Easter story, then it was breakfast, getting dressed, and off to church.

The boys are dressed and ready for Worshiping!

This is K reading to the boys when
they first found their baskets and Bibles.

After fellowshiping at church, we drove up to see cousins, aunts, and uncles, and Grandma Ellis. We had a fun time of visiting with those we love. When we returned home, we found a wonderful surprise at our front door! Our good neighbor Sandra had brought the boys (and K and I) more Easter baskets! It was filled with cars, play doe, bouncy balls, bunnies, and of course chocolate!

After the basket opening, the boys got to open packages from their Grandpa and Grammy. They sent them more sweet treats, bubbles, pegs for their peg boards, and play sand! Thank you to everyone who made Easter fun and a special celebration. It is a day to celebrate for Jesus is Risen Indeed!

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