Saturday, March 28, 2009

Great Grandpa Turns 90!

We have just returned from a wonderful family celebration for the boys Great Grandpa! He is a youthful 90 as he lives with smiles and laughter. He loves his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren with patience and genuineness. It was a busy afternoon with many children running around, but what a blessing it was to have the family together. It is this togetherness that seemed to be his favorite part of the day. When we were kids, we would gather for each birthday as a family. We would eat dinner, open presents, eat cake, play badminton or croquet in the back yard...however, as families grow, it seems natural to drift apart a bit as each sprouting family has its own schedules and agendas to attend to. Gathering all the families together becomes more and more difficult, but I was reminded how very special these memories are to me. Generations are a powerful thing. It made me wonder when I am 90....if the Lord keeps me around here that long...where will my children be? Will they live close or far away? How many children or grandchildren will they have? Life has so many mysteries. I am looking forward to the adventures that are ahead and where the road of life will take us.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa. We love you very much.

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