Friday, June 26, 2009

Blowing Bubbles

We have a kind neighbor that gave the boys their very own bubbles. They had fun trying to get the bubbles to work, but half of the fun was just dipping their wand in the bubble solution.


Obachan gave the boys these fun traditional Japanese play clothes. When they wear them they say, "I handsome". I must agree...don't you?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


While we were at the park we tested out the swings. Isaiah thought it was ok....
Micah was not in the mood.
But of course Josiah loved it!

Did you know tire swings work perfect for triplets?


The boys enjoyed climbing through these big tires; something new to explore.
We went to a "petting zoo", but the boys enjoyed the pretend animals more than the real ones.
The boys were so excited to be at a new place with their mommy and daddy. When we first got to the hotel room they thought it was just fun to sit on all the furniture.

We took the boys on a carriage ride. They talked and talked about the draft horse that pulled the wagon.

By the end of the day ALL the boys were tuckered out.

I believe our first overnighter trip with all three boys, other than at Grammy and Grandpa's house was a success. We played and ate and played some more. I think we tired them out well enough that they didn't care if they had their own beds or not. It is so much fun investigating the world through the eyes of two year olds.

Hi Grammy and Grandpa

Just a special message for our very loved Grammy and Grandpa. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Insightful Expressions

The boys are talking more and more. Kenta and I often giggle at their creative expressions. This last weekend we were going on a family walk on a beautiful and gusty day. The leaves were blowing, the sun was shining and we were all five walking hand in hand. Isaiah, watching the leaves blow in the wind said, "The leaves are running." Now isn't that creatively cute.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


This spring, we have been enjoying the fun of picnicking! The boys get so excited to eat outside on a blanket. It is such wonderful family time enjoying the beautiful creation around us. On this picnic, we gave the boys juice boxes for the first time. That was a definite hit! They were sure to get every last drop. After dinner, they explored around the park to see what they could find, buttercups, snake grass, and the favorite.....sticks!


Camping Out

Kenta and I talk about taking the boys camping. It was something that I didn't do growing up and thought I would enjoy doing with my family. Although we have not introduced that adventure to the boys yet, we found this great pop up tent at IKEA so we can have "camp outs" inside. :) Someday we will go camping and it will be fun...but for now...this is just right!

From Cribs to Beds

The beds that were given to us from my beloved friends at RCS conveniently turn from cribs into toddler beds. I was a little nervous to make this transition as I was afraid of three little boys running from bed to bed waking one another up from their peaceful slumber. However, last month they started to climb out of their cribs from time to time. Once they learned that climbing out resulted in an unhappy mommy, they discovered that they could balance themselves on top of the rail and simply plop right back in bed when mommy or daddy walked into the room. This made me a little nervous as we had a few incidents of boys toppling out or pulling each other off of the railing. So it was time, time for my babies to have their very own big boy bed. Kenta took the beds apart and we went to the store with the boys to pick out their very own pillows. The transition has gone easier than I expected and the boys have taken a liking to their new beds.

For the first few nights we tried it with out buying railing for the sides of the beds. We just wanted to see if they could stay in on their own....

We quickly learned...the railings were well worth it!

This is Micah after he had fallen out of his bed...still sleeping on the floor. Please notice the nicely made bed...he prefers to sleep on top of his covers. For those of you who are wondering, Josiah likes to sleep tucked in nice and tight and Isaiah is somewhere in between.
Aren't they sweet when they are sleeping?