Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Three Ring Bearers

My cousin asked if the boys would be ring bearers for his wedding this summer. I was honored and pleased to accept this responsibility, however soon I began to realize that I have three very shy boys and I have to admit I began to get nervous that they would be clinging to my leg and they would be with out a ring bearer at all for their wedding.
In God's sovereignty we had four weddings to attend this summer before the big event so we talked about it often, showed them who the ring bearers were in the other weddings, acted out what their job was, and then had them practice walking slowly while smiling. (without mommy or daddy next to them)
The day finally arrived. The bride was dressed elegantly, the groom was handsome and all smiles while he awaited his big day and the boys were dressed and ready for the "moment".

They waited patiently for their turn to walk, knowing just what to expect, until they saw all the people looking right at them, but even then they kept on walking just away from the crowd. I gently reminded them of the way they should go and they were brave little boys as they walked down the isle with confidence just like they had practiced. They were welcomed with a hug and kiss from their cousin Edye and they were very proud of their efforts.

I must say that I was relieved and pleased that it all went well. They boys enjoyed their treat while we enjoyed listening to the vows of the bride and groom.
After the wedding as we were driving home the boys had many questions. They wanted to know all about the bridesmaids, groomsmen, the pastor, the flowers, the bride, and the groom. They knew that getting married is a special moment in a person's life and they too wanted to be the groom someday. Their dad reminded them that first God will send them a woman that they will love and cherish deeply if it is in His will. Isaiah then asked to pray that God would bring him his wife. With a smile and a tear rolling down my cheek I realized the faith that my son had that God is the one who gives good gifts. Their dad prayed for each one of them and then Josiah wanted to pray too. How sweet it was to hear the voice of a three year old asking God to bring them their wife.