Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We took the boys to a local pumpkin patch to see some animals, pick out a pumpkin of their own, and 'experience fall'. There were two large fields of pumpkins and I was certain that they were going to want to pick the largest pumpkin they could find, but instead they searched and searched for pumpkins small enough that they could carry it themselves. They would walk around saying, "too big, too big, too big...." Then when they found one that they thought they could manage they very excitedly would run to that pumpkin and clumsily maneuver themselves back to the wheel barrow to add it to their pile. Together they collected about 6-7 small themselves, then they got to choose one to take home.
This was the pumpkin Isaiah picked.
Micah liked the white pumpkin, but it was too big to make the cut.

Josiah liked the large pile of mini pumpkins.

They were all very helpful in making the wheel barrow heavier for their dad to pull up the hill.

And I think that they all had a fun day, except that Josiah thought the goose was much too loud.


My sister, came over for a visit with her children and all the kids had so much fun with their cousins. My sister and I had a good time too catching up, being close, and watching the kids enjoy one another. It was a house full as we had all six kids and three adults in our two bedroom condo, but the close proximity just made it more cozy.

They even got to have their first real overnight sleep over! The cousins slept on sleeping bags in the boys room. The boys all thought it was very special to have their cousins sleeping with them in their room.

They are coming again in a few weeks. We are looking forward to another sleep over!