Thursday, June 18, 2009

From Cribs to Beds

The beds that were given to us from my beloved friends at RCS conveniently turn from cribs into toddler beds. I was a little nervous to make this transition as I was afraid of three little boys running from bed to bed waking one another up from their peaceful slumber. However, last month they started to climb out of their cribs from time to time. Once they learned that climbing out resulted in an unhappy mommy, they discovered that they could balance themselves on top of the rail and simply plop right back in bed when mommy or daddy walked into the room. This made me a little nervous as we had a few incidents of boys toppling out or pulling each other off of the railing. So it was time, time for my babies to have their very own big boy bed. Kenta took the beds apart and we went to the store with the boys to pick out their very own pillows. The transition has gone easier than I expected and the boys have taken a liking to their new beds.

For the first few nights we tried it with out buying railing for the sides of the beds. We just wanted to see if they could stay in on their own....

We quickly learned...the railings were well worth it!

This is Micah after he had fallen out of his bed...still sleeping on the floor. Please notice the nicely made bed...he prefers to sleep on top of his covers. For those of you who are wondering, Josiah likes to sleep tucked in nice and tight and Isaiah is somewhere in between.
Aren't they sweet when they are sleeping?

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