Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The boys enjoyed climbing through these big tires; something new to explore.
We went to a "petting zoo", but the boys enjoyed the pretend animals more than the real ones.
The boys were so excited to be at a new place with their mommy and daddy. When we first got to the hotel room they thought it was just fun to sit on all the furniture.

We took the boys on a carriage ride. They talked and talked about the draft horse that pulled the wagon.

By the end of the day ALL the boys were tuckered out.

I believe our first overnighter trip with all three boys, other than at Grammy and Grandpa's house was a success. We played and ate and played some more. I think we tired them out well enough that they didn't care if they had their own beds or not. It is so much fun investigating the world through the eyes of two year olds.

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