Thursday, March 26, 2009

Playing in the Snow

The boys had so much fun running in the snow when we went to visit Grammy and Grandpa in Davenport. What a beautiful day! The sunshine beat down on us warming us from the brisk winter air. I must admit that this winter I have had moments of being tired of the mess that the snow makes, but this moment of laughter and fun was absolutely priceless. In the open fields, the boys fearlessly ran and ran and ran as the snow crunched under their little feet. They ran in circles to see the footprints that they left behind. They ran, laughing as mommy and daddy chased them. These are memories are sweet to capture and hopefully tell them about some day.

M running to catch me!
J watching the footprints that he has made.
I watching the BIG trucks drive by on the highway.

What a beautiful day!

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