Friday, July 16, 2010

Building Memories

A kind neighbor, Sandra, has supplied our family with many wooden blocks. After a few weeks of them sitting in our playroom practically untouched, Kenta thought the boys needed a little instruction of how to build with them. After the boys had gone to bed, I sat and watched Kenta enjoying himself sorting and carefully selecting blocks to make this wooden city. Earlier in the week he had been telling the boys stories about his childhood. They seemed particularly interested in his memories of building with blocks.
When the boys woke up in the morning they were surprised to find such a fortress waiting for them. They looked at it closely asking many questions about what each building was for. They enjoyed placing their animals in just the right positions.
It did not take long before the fortress was destroyed, but then little fortresses began to emerge. Their creativity has been ignited and they are off to building many memories with these blocks.

Thank you, Sandra, for supplying these blocks and thank you daddy for supplying the creativity.

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