Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Three Turned Three

The boys' birthday was particularly special as we had three turn three together, but to make it more of a party we invited over three of their friends who had recently had their birthdays too. From left to right we have Josiah, Isaiah, Isabel, Fiona, and Clarissa. Micah is up top. Isabel and Clarissa are in the same Sunday School class with the boys. All together we had 5 turning three with in two days of each other and one turning 5!

Each of the children enjoyed hearing their personalized "Happy Birthday Song" as we did sing it six times. It doesn't get old to three year olds. Below is Isaiah soaking in every moment of his Birthday Song.
Kenta played the guitar while all the kids and Grammy did the hand motions to some of their Sunday School songs. It is such a joy to hear children singing worship to their God.

This is Micah very pleased with the car he received from Auntie Rose and Uncle Steve in California. He really liked that the green car matched his green shirt.
We are so blessed to have such joyful children. It was special to share their birthday with people we love. We thank all of you who gave the boys such generous gifts and love on their special day.


  1. Happy birthday, Little buddies!
    Christie...you make mothering sound like such a joy! I know it's because you ACTUALLY feel that way!

  2. Mothering is a joy, children are a blessing, right? I always enjoy reading your blog as you express your thoughts so well and you have such great ideas! I have stolen a few of them. :) You are one gifted lady. Love you.

  3. Thank you for sharing the happy birthday pictures. Looks like everyone had fun.