Sunday, September 20, 2009

Other fun moments...

We had to have S'Mores... The boys didn't know what it was at first and were cautious as usual, but as soon as we told them it had chocolate in it, they ate it with gusto! They got a little frustrated with the stickiness of the marshmallow, however. This is Micah after enjoying his yummy treat.
One of the highlights of the trip was playing hide and seek in the TALL grass. We had to watch the boys closely otherwise they might disappear into the maze of grass.
Walks on the beach were always an adventure. Isaiah loved to pick up and look at everything he came across.

Kenta bought the boys some golf clubs, and baseball bats to entertain them while they were outside. Josiah couldn't seem to put them down. He has quite the future in baseball or golf. He must get that from his Grandpa.

This is Josiah relaxing at the cabin in between outings. Now that is what vacation is supposed to be about, right?

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