Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nice Neighbors

We have a neighbor that is queen of toys...when we first met her the boys admired all of the porceline animals that decorated her flowerbed...particularly the many frogs. Gradually we found the boys interest in frogs begin to grow as she would surprise them with some sort of frog character. She has given us a total of 12 stuffed frogs, frog costumes, frog hats, frog pajamas, frog buckets....little to say we began to endearingly call her the "frog lady".
Over the years she has collected many toys for various reasons. She thought, "What a shame to have them all stored away when there are all these kids who would love to play with them." Gradually toys began to appear on her patio for the children in the neighborhood to play with.

Water toys, a pool, buckets, plastic bugs, animal figurines, dinosaurs, cars, trucks, food for pretending to cook, barns, and ofcourse....more frogs!

The boys have spent many mornings and afternoons playing on her patio. We have been so blessed by her kindness, giving spirit, and enthusiam.

Thank you Sandra!!!

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  1. How fun that you've put together this blog site. I'm impressed Christie! Yes, the boys have been presented with a few new concepts and characters due to my contributions in their life and with the play area. To anyone viewing this site, let me say that the boys keep me, "The Frog Lady" quite entertained.
    The Shimizu triplets are certainly an uplifting delight as I watch them continue to grow and develop. My evolving and "sharing" friendship with mom and dad has been a real asset in my life as well. Hopefully they all know how much I love them, Sandra