Thursday, February 19, 2009


The word that seems to ring true to our lives lately is "change". We are changing, our home is changing, our relationships are changing, our children are changing. There was a time in my life when change was hard for me. I liked my life to be predictable and consistent, but I am now finding the joy of change. My life is in a constant state of adjusting whether it is for a new schedule for meals and naps or transitioning the drawers from size 18 month clothes to 24 month clothes. I am amazed that the little people that used to sleep so many hours a day are now talking constantly and running from room to room. I am amazed at how the Lord has designed toddlers to absorb so much information and knowledge in such a short amount of time. Everyday they are changing!! Most importantly, I pray that the greatest change will be in our hearts. May the good Lord sanctify us to be more like his son Jesus, changing us so that we will think of ourselves less and Him more. Lately the boys have been needing extra reminders to behave. As I hold the hand of my child and we walk into the bedroom to "talk" my heart often sinks not wanting to discipline this child that I love so dearly. But I am reminded that it is my privilege to train these kids in the way of the Lord, as their hearts are so young and moldable, this is the time. My heart rejoices as we pray together and we hug in reconciliation. I am often amazed at how the Lord seems to change the desire of their hearts and they are then quick to obey. Lately the boys have learned a new phrase, and what joy it brings to my soul, "Obey mommy-daddy." May the Lord of grace fall upon us that we will be constantly changing to conform to His will and be obedient children.

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